When Jesus said it was done He meant it.When our Lord and Savior died on the cross for our sins it was finished the veil torn and a passage that some people read over was the dead saints rising up from their graves and walking into the city of Jerusalem.That is just insanely amazing.The love Jesus had for each one of us proves His death and yet there are people who don’t believe.His death was a miracle as well.The average human body cannot endure so much pain.Jesus was born so that we have a right to live and have a relationship with God. If it wasn’t for our Lord and saviour we would have spent eternity in hell.

Everyday be thankful for Jesus and know in your heart that He is the Son of the Living God and He died to save you.I want you to say this after me “Thank you Jesus that you have saved me and that you want me because I am chosen to follow you. The thing is Jesus chooses us He is a gentleman and He awaits us to choose Him.He is gently waiting by the door for you to open and give your life to Him.

We must stop being hypocrites and lukewarm by just needing Jesus when we feel like it when I was so down and out I can truly say that I am guilty of this as well. As soon as we start getting blessings we sometimes forget God. It is so wrong because He is the one who gives us these blessings and visa versa if we go through troubles we need God when its going good we need Him. Life without Jesus is hell and I dont think anyone wants that.I also feel that people should t be so hard on themselves , they truly suffer from doing the right thing it shouldn’t be like that when you are a follower of Christ you dont have to work hard to satisfy Jesus , He is already satisfied with you since you gave your life over to Him He just wants to love you and have a relationship, Reason that there are lukewarm Christians is because they are comfortable in what they are doing they say they are christian but their lifestyle says different when you try to help your fellow brothers or sisters in Christ they accuse you of judging them. People should start thinking with a sound mind and not take offence of every little thing, I understand that there are sensitive people out there but you cannot be overly sensitive because even too much of a good thing is bad for you.I had a problem for two months or so that I have been listening to a few preachers and some say this is wrong some say that is wrong and you cant do this but you can do this. I hope you get what I’m saying , Living like that makes you fear everything and you question your entire faith, I learned not to believe everything I hear and to read the word of God and listen only to his voice because all people have a different view point and not everything will be in line .Jesus is the truth and His word will forever be the same , God is the same Today,Yesterday and Tomorrow .

Jesus came so that you may have life abundantly,

Have a blessed day and Know that Jesus loves you and if you don’t know that yet keep telling yourself that He does.

He is the way the truth and the life sacrifice your life to Him and you will never be the same.

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